How do I evaluate a staff member?

Staff evaluation

As a team leader for software developers, how do I define good performance? 

Feedback is very important to me, I want to know from my manager how I am doing, whether my performance is satisfactory or not.  In the same way, I want it to be clear for the team that I manage, what I look for in a staff member.  I want to make sure that these things are very clear, and that my staff knows them by heart and able to tell me about these from memory.

1. Able to communicate properly.

What are my top things as a manager / supervisor?

Hand wokring on the garden

We have to step back and think about what are our priorities as managers and team leaders.  Otherwise, we will always be in "operation" and always be sucked in by what is urgent and not what is important.

From a book I have read on Project Management, we have two roles to play as leaders: chess master and gardener.  And we have to play both roles.

I am still on a developer mindset

Mindset shift

Over the 4-day holy week break, I can’t help the need to be “productive” — so I thought of learning Vuejs. I spent a few hours in between spending time with family and friends and playing with Cody learning about Vue.

During the drive home, somehow it hit me. My mindset was still a developer and not a people developer. Of all the things I can work on, I was working on being a better developer. I could have listened to a podcast on how to build better teams, and be a better leader.